Friday, October 1, 2010

The Secret to Getting Just the Right Size

How long is that bracelet or necklace?

Well, that depends on what measurement you're talking about. A necklace or bracelet with large beads or other bulky components has a much smaller inner circumference than its length when measured stretched out flat. For example, the necklace in the photo is 20 inches long when stretched out flat but 18 inches when worn. Similarly, the bracelet shown is 8.5 inches long when stretched out flat but 7 inches when worn.

What size do you want?

One of the great advantages of ordering handmade jewelry from the artisan is being able to have your bracelet or necklace custom sized. Most artisans offer this service at no additional charge whenever possible.

For bracelets, I always suggest that you start by measuring your wrist. For a snug fit, I figure on an inner circumference 1/2 inch greater than the wrist measurement, one inch for somewhat loose fit, and 1.5 inches for very loose fit. I think most are comfortable with the "somewhat loose" fit. For necklaces, I suggest that you measure the length of a thin chain that falls on your neck where you want the chosen necklace to fall.

Sizes can be adjusted after purchase, but it's easier on everyone to get it right the first time. Of course, gifts involve much more guesswork!

Jewelry makers who are interested in the EZ Necklace and EZ Bracelet cones shown in the photo may find out more about them here:


  1. Excellent post and the EZ cones? Where have they been all my life? Nice!

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